German as a Foreign Language

Buchholz Language Training offers German for all age groups and different levels. You can choose between private lessons and small groups.

Courses for Kids (minimum age 4 years)

Make the most of those precious years while young children pick up a foreign language so easily. Our syllabus contains a range of interesting material such as theme cards and nursery rhymes. Your child will learn quickly and have fun at the same time.

The vocabulary acquired is supported and enhanced by games and exercises that your kid will enjoy.

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Courses for Pupils

Older children too will benefit from our courses that are kept interesting by presenting lots of topic varieties. Lessons include entertaining games adapted to the specific age group. German grammar is mastered in various role plays supported by conversation exercises related to typical day-to-day situations.

German for Adults

Adults may choose between private lessons or studying in small groups according to their level of the language.

You are looking for a course in German with regard to your job or just for everyday life in Germany? Individual tuition in particular will promote your linguistic talents. We will work out a “made-to-measure” program for your specific requirements.

Interested in a course “German as a foreign language”? Call us or write an email. We will send you a quotation free of charge and without any commitment on your part.

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